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Autumn Woods


Founders, Directors,  Program Support, & Core Volunteers 


Janice Winchester Nadeau, Ph.D.

Jennifer Agen, RN, BSN


Rev. Lucas Holsten

Lisa Schiemann, MSW

Program Support 

Jennifer Agen, RN, BSN

Lakeview Community Health

Core Volunteers

Rev. Chris Bellefeville 

Senior Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, Stillwater, MN 

Deanna Bieniek

Manger of Bereavement Services, St. Croix Hospice 

Dr. Chuck Bransford 

MD, Lakeview Health - Hospice 

Marna Canterbury 

Senior Director Community Health, Lakeview/Health Partners 

Tony Del Percio

Grief Counselor, Bradshaw Funeral Home, Stillwater 

Dr. Mary Freitag 

Clinical Psychologist, Spiritwoods 

Sarah Gavin 

Social Worker, Family Means 

John Locke 

Funeral Director, Simonet Funeral Home 

Rev. Dr. Karna Moskalik 

Senior Pastor, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Stillwater 

Deb Newton 

Caregiving and Aging Services Social Worker, Family Means 

Valerie Richards 

Alzheimer Educator and Family Coach, Private Practice 

Erin Rowlson 

Clinical Director, Family Means 

Aimee Stanton

Social Worker, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation, Stillwater 

Jill Schwendeman 

Chaplain, Lakeview Hospital/Hospice 

Karen Warrings 

Family Community Nurse, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Stillwater 

Natalie Wasiluk 

Clinical Social Worker, Spiritwoods 

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